Devon Underwood Bio

Devon E Underwood, University of Arizona Alumi and Lead Strategist at The Talent Store, LLC

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Devon Underwood is the Founder and Lead Strategist at The Talent Store, an Executive Search and Talent Strategy firm.  Her goal is to help clients discover the people and processes that allow them to meet their strategic goals.  This saves time, money and creates the tipping point for growth.

With an understanding of the technology and best practices available to help growing companies scale successfully, she can develop and implement custom talent attraction, acquisition and retention strategies.  She can also work to place key leadership in newly developed, shifting or re-aligned roles with a focus on long term matching of culture and values.

Devon has provided Executive Search, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition strategy consulting for clients in 40+ states for the last 15 years.  She has built, trained and developed recruitment teams and played a key role in employment branding.  She is an expert in analyzing current practices and shaping systems and solutions customized for each company’s culture, current processes and resource capacity.