Frequently Asked Questions

We are specialized in being a complete talent programs partner for our key clients in periods of start-up, growth or strategy change. Rather than focus on a position or industry type, we provide holistic solutions to develop a long-term talent strategy so that our clients only need count on one trusted resource.

A holistic talent strategy is one that takes into consideration all pieces of the talent puzzle.  We believe that looking at the whole, we can help our clients achieve long term success as a growing employer.

Talent Attraction

  • Position and Job Description Development
  • Employment Branding and Mission, Vision and Values alignment
  • Advertising and Applicant Tracking/Matching Technology Implementation
  • Market and Compensation Analysis

Talent Acquisition

  • Executive Search
  • Mid-level or Bulk Recruitment
  • Interview and Vetting Process Improvement and Training
  • Development of Systems, Processes and Programs for Scalability and Growth

Talent Retention

  • Implementation of Impactful and Effective On-Boarding Programs
  • Internal Career Pathing and Position Change Process Development
  • Relocation and Transfer Process Improvement
  • Make sure you feel heard, understood and the communication and work style fit your culture, values and timelines
  • In initial discussions, they are asking questions that guide in customizing their process to fit your organization
  • Look for a track record of success and specific examples of experience that is in line with your project needs
  • Ensure you are being represented well and in line with your brand and market outreach is not being passed along to someone less experienced
  • Observe excellence in communication, follow through and a sense of urgency
  • Insist on a clear scope of work, guarantee period, billing cycle, and fee structure that meets your expectations and budget
  • If the goal is to address talent needs in a strategic and long-term way, do not select a partner who is narrowly specialized or siloed by industry or position type

Key leadership needs or unique skills-based market shortages.

  • Urgency is paramount and an already developed network is needed
    Entering a new market or adding a new position and insight into market competition, compensation targets and how other companies utilize a similar role is needed.
  • Confidentiality and discretion are crucial because the replacement of a current employee has not been announced.
  • Ability to target competitor companies to source talent, without creating a rift in the relationship.
  • Need to cast a wider net and attract new candidate options.

Limited capacity within the organization to dedicate to talent needs.

  • The technique of “post and pray” is not getting the best candidate options needed.
  • Teams are getting pulled from daily duties and core competencies to help with recruitment and hiring.
  • Implementation of applicant tracking, onboarding processes or employee engagement software is needed without adding permanent headcount to your core team.
  • Bulk, fluctuating or seasonal hiring needed on a per project basis.
    There is a need to develop or improve recruiting, hiring and/or onboarding processes and expertise and efficiency is valued.

Start-up, growth or strategy shift and a need to scale or level up. 

  • Growth and expansion have created a need for a more proactive talent strategy.
  • There is a feeling of being “stuck” or not being able to get past a certain talent level within the organization.
  • Expertise to determine needs, develop and implement systems, processes and programs for scalability.