Devon Underwood makes an appearance on News From The Chamber on Tucson Business RadioX

On Tuesday January 8, I had the pleasure of discussing Tucson’s (and really everyone’s) biggest challenge in economic growth and development; getting the right people with the right skills.

I joined Amber Smith, Pres and Michael Guymon, VP of Tucson Metro Chamber, along with Ian Roark, VP of Workforce Development at Pima Community College for a Tucson Business RadioX podcast.  These talent challenges are complex, interconnected and there are no easy answers.  We were able to discuss the various issues that contribute as well as many of the resources and shifts that can help provide a solution.  We have a lot of work to do, but there are some really smart people tackling this head on!

Take a listen while you are commuting, working or working out.  Tucson Business RadioX News from the Chamber We had a lot of fun while also sharing some solid insights! 

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