Talent Strategy Consulting Giving you the time and talent to grow your business.

Tere are many reasons a company may decide they are ready to improve on their current talent strategy.

Our Talent Strategy Consulting services are structured in modules to address common areas of challenge and can be easlily customized to what is needed in your organization.   These packages are a unique offering, will give you an edge over your competition, and are a key reason our clients choose us as an exclusive partner.

We have established key metrics to measure at the start of each project and then as the new programs and systems take shape.  You will see marked improvements in candidate quality, interview ratios, time to hire and retention rates.

Most consultants spend time to analyze and then prescribe next steps but leave for the company to figure out how to implement the programs.  We will get the work done, rolling up our sleeves to implement.

Start up Scaling Module – Companies that are moving past the start-up phase ready to scale their teams  

  • Position and department alignment and job duties needs analysis
  • Position and Job Description creation that includes market and compensation analysis
  • Development of the mission and vision for the company culture and employment brand
  • Employment branding and campaign implementation, including profile development on various digital platforms
  • Job advertising and recruiting campaign deployment
  • Interview and vetting process development and training
  • Talent community engagement campaign development

Strategic Recruiting Module 

  • Talent Attraction and Acquisition process analysis
  • Employment brand updating and campaign development
  • Development of strategic Job Advertising campaigns
  • ATS implementation or customization
  • Talent community engagement campaign development
  • Interview and vetting process improvement and training
  • Implementation of relocation policy and process

Candidate Experience Module

  • Candidate and New Hire experience analysis
  • On-Boarding process improvement plan
  • ATS implementation or customization to support paperless onboarding
  • 30, 60, 90-day integration and training program development
  • Employment brand updating
  • Interview and vetting process improvement to reflect new onboarding programs
  • Implementation of relocation policy and process

Career Path and Retention Module

  • Internal application and job change process analysis
  • Development of career path options and collateral
  • Internal job application and vetting process implementation
  • Employment brand updating
  • Internal talent community engagement campaign development
  • Internal vetting process improvement and training
  • Implementation of relocation policy and process

Acquisition People Integration Module

  • Management of people due dilligence prior to acquisition
  • Position and organizational struture mapping
  • Compensation analysis and offer development
  • Identification of issues or potential concerns to address
  • Development of new employee communications needed
  • On-site management of acquired employee onboarding
  • Development of first year integration and training plans

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