Living in Tucson

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"Passing Through" turned "Home for Life"

Ask someone how they arrived in Tucson and many will tell you their story of how they were, “just passing through,” and then 14 years later, they’re still here. Tucson’s unique culture combines the freedom of exploration and self-expression with the bright, awe-inspiring beauty of the southwest that draws talent from all over the country. With the conveniences of a big city, but the tight-knit community of a charming small town, Tucson is unlike anywhere else.

For the past 10 years, Tucson has made incredible strides to increase professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, and economic activity. Today, you’ll find our city is dedicated to continuous improvement, and openly addresses issues from infrastructure to childhood education. With a long history as a tourist destination, Tucson works every year to expand its offerings to become a leading professional destination as well.

Strong Start-up & Small Business Culture

Our community values keeping things local and personal. We support our favorite shops, experts, and professionals so Tucson can thrive as a whole.

Diverse Set of Industries
From Optics and Astronomy to Biomedical Innovation and Education, Tucson offers opportunity in a wide variety of established industries.
Iconic Valley Setting
Tucson is nestled between mountain ranges from the north, east, and west, making it both strikingly beautiful (especially at sunset) and easy to navigate.
Hobbies & Entertainment for All
Are you an indoor or outdoor person? In Tucson, you can be either (or both!) with hiking, cycling, golf, music, arts, fitness, dancing, and world-class resorts.
One-of-a-kind Food Culture
The heart of Tucson food is Mexican cuisine, but as we’ve grown, our food culture has expanded to include foods from Latin, Indian, Korean, and Polish cuisine, and everything in between.
Competitive Cost of Living
With affordable housing and lower costs of living, Tucson is a big draw when coming from larger cities across the nation leading to long-term residents


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