Talent Store NOW

Talent Store NOW is a subscription program for companies ready to grow!

We supplement or enhance your current HR or Operations teams to bring the strategic expertise and resources that enable your company to stand out in the market for top talent.

An annual subscription expands your teams’ capacity throughout the year, without adding the overhead of permanent infrastructure and payroll, and provides discounts to key services when more horsepower is needed:

For less than $10,000 annually, $800 per month, you have access to the thought leadership, resources and experience that top employer brands have in-house.

Our clients subscribe to the Talent Store NOW program to:

  • Extend HR and Recruiting capacity at key times of growth, team building or change
  • Bring support and resources to get hiring done, so operations can focus on what they do best
  • Add expertise in technology, trends and people strategy to new program implementation
  • Avoid the trap of capacity limits as they scale by adding HR support without adding payroll
  • Have an external partner dedicated to managing and promoting their employer brand
  • Lower the cost of external recruiting services and improve time to hire, candidate quality and retention
  • Join a network of the leading and innovative employers

For the rest of 2020, we’re offering 90 day subscriptions to support the HR and team re-building needs of companies around COVID policies and diversity/inclusion initiatives.

Small Business Subscription

Enterprise Business Subscription

  • Employer Brand consulting in partnership with your Marketing and Recruiting teams
  • Enrollment in our Trailing Partner Program with a free Trailing Partner concierge service per month
  • 10% discount all Key Position Placement fees
  • RPO Services management fees waived for the first two months of each bulk hiring project
  • Access to employer events and affiliate discounts through our member portal

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About The Talent Store

We provide recruitment and consulting services that place the right people, in the right jobs, faster.  We continuously develop our expertise and network,  freeing our clients to stay busy with what they do best.


To bring creative thinking, innovation and an extensive talent network to play a key role in our clients’ attainment of their strategic goals through talent acquisition and retention.

To connect talented individuals with career making opportunities.


The Talent Store is the meeting place where thought leadership, opportunity and talent connect to create growth.

Core Values

Open communication and transparency

Thought leadership and innovation

Matchmaking and creating connections

Focus on outcomes and impact

Equal opportunity, inclusion and safety