Recruiting Strategies Support Growing Volunteer Pipeline

The American Red Cross has been preventing and alleviating suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and generosity of donors for over 135 years.  Southern AZ takes this mission to serve 1.4 million people across our many counties.

Now, more than ever, they are seeking volunteers to help continue to fulfill their mission. At the center of everything they do, from giving life saving blood to disaster relief, training and community preparedness, is human and community connection. 

None of that is possible without volunteers.  

With COVID 19 came new challenges, but also new opportunities. While the need for community service is greater than ever, how non-profits attract new volunteers has pivoted. 

Courtney Slanaker, Executive Director- American Red Cross
Courtney joined Zach Yentzer and me on a recent Tipping Point – Workforce Pivots Show to uncover ways to engage new volunteers. 

What we realized is that workforce recruiting strategies can be applied to volunteer recruiting as well. Many non-profits struggled with losing volunteers during COVID and have had to build new pipelines in the community.

Here are a few ways to explore a new audience of volunteers that you can use for your non-profit needs:

  • Hit The Ground Running – take time to make phone calls, create targeted email campaigns, ask current volunteers to share out to their network
  • Utilize Your Community Partners – from your local CVB to YPO groups, to local philanthropic agencies, these groups are filled with inspired members of the community that thrive on volunteer work
  • Traditional Marketing Tactics – strengthen your social media presence, create targeted email campaigns, place local ads, and connect with community leaders who can help promote your efforts – like going on a local radio show to get support. 

Here is a helpful tool to offer guidance about general recruiting, advertising, and outreach methods.

If you are looking to find a way to give back to your community, The American Red Cross needs your help!

Click here to begin the volunteer process so you can start helping right away! 

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