Talent Strategy Advising

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Talent Strategy Advising​

Partner with the Talent Store to work in tandem with your HR department or gain an interim Talent Acquisition expert. Together, we’ll lay a strong foundation and build impactful programs and processes geared toward your company’s current stage and growth goals.

Creativity, Customization, & Innovation

Address and overcome barriers in your internal talent acquisition and retention strategy with our customizable advising modules. These packages are offered to address common issues that many companies face and customized based on your specific pain points. Our goal is to build the systems and processes that give you a competitive edge through creative and innovative solutions. By establishing key metrics at the beginning of each project, you’ll see marked improvements in candidate quality, interview ratios, time-to-hire, and retention rates that will support your long-term growth.

Start-up Scaling

For companies ready to expand beyond the start-up phase, harness the expertise you need to keep growing.

Strategic Recruiting Module

For organizations struggling to find the right talent to no avail, this module is designed to help.

Candidate Experience Module

Losing top talent, receiving declined offers, or experiencing post-hire mis-matches? Enhance your candidate experience!

Career Path & Retention Module

Organizations that struggle to retain employees often lack programs and pathways that lead to employee growth.

M&A Talent Due-diligence & Alignment

Through the acquisition and merger process, many companies fail to recognize the importance of a holistic due-diligence and integration plan.

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Expand your capabilities with a holistic approach to Talent Store offerings. Subscribe to a Talent Store NOW membership plan and get the powerful tools you need to stand out and achieve your goals.

“The professionalism and drive to meet client and candidate needs is exemplary. I have recommended the Talent Store to many peers and will continue to do so.”
HR Leader, Healthcare
“The Talent Store has been an incredible resource and partner for our company. They have great expertise, unsurpassed professionalism, and are so easy to work with.”
HR Leader

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