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We’re so happy you’re considering a move here! Tucson combines the ideas of freedom of exploration and self-expression that have lured so many West with the sunshine, awe inspiring beauty and culture that makes the Southwest a magical part of the country for so many.

While the Tucson of past decades was seen through the lenses of either a college or retirement town, in the last 10 years, incredible strides have been made to increase economic activity, professional, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Today, you will find we’re a community dedicated to continuous improvement and openly addressing issues like infrastructure, competitive pay, affordable housing, sustainable food and transportation systems and pushing to raise the bar for childhood education. Areas in which our passion and drive to work toward bettering is infectious.

Ask someone how they arrived in Tucson, and many will tell you a story of how they were “just passing through and fell in love.” We have been a tourist destination for decades and as we continue to be a city that works to raise all boats and attract and retain top and diverse talent, we have seen ourselves become a professional destination as well.

The Tucson skyline is dominated by mountains in every direction, with the Santa Catalina Mountains to the north, the Rincon Mountains to the east, and the Tucson Mountains to the west.

Community Passions: Food, Arts and Culture, Continuous Learning, Hiking, Cycling, Golf and taking advantage of our world class resorts

Key industries in Southern AZ: Research and Education, Optics and Astronomy, Space, Aerospace, Defense, Renewable Energy, Biomedical Innovation, Mining, Transportation and Logistics, Agriculture, Non-Profit/Giving and Entrepreneurship

Tucson is a golf, cycling and astronomy capital with so many ways to get out in nature.





Sonoran Desert Museum

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tohono Chul Gardens

Mount Lemmon