Trailing Partner Program

Our Trailing Partner Program was created to help with the soft landing and job placement of anyone moving to Tucson or Phoenix with a partner who’s been offered a relocation.

Today, about two-thirds of families with school-age children rely on dual incomes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means when one person is offered a job requiring relocation, it’s often a mixed blessing. While an opportunity for a new position offers higher pay to one person, the other can be left jobless in an unfamiliar city, with no connections or prospects.

It’s designed to be a win-win-win for:

  • Employers who are concerned about attracting and retaining relocated talent
  • Those supporting their partner’s career move that face the uncertainty of finding work in a new city
  • The Tucson community and it’s dedication to attracting and retaining diverse and bright new talent

How it works:

  • This is an employer paid service that can be engaged as early as the recruiting process after a hiring decision. You determine what will best support your talent acquisition efforts in each situation.
  • To engage us, you can reach out via phone, send an email or simply register the referral through our web portal.

Benefits to Relocating Employers:

  • Enhance your talent acquisition and relocation program with a trusted and local partner
  • Achieve marked improvement in your relocation retention metrics
  • Gain first access to talented trailing partners we’re representing from other employer members
  • Receive deep discounts on placement fees when hiring a trailing partner represented by The Talent Store

Trailing Partner

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If you’re a Trailing Partner who has been referred to us, please register for our services.

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If you’re an Employer or Relocation Company that’s referring a Trailing Partner for services.

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