Trailing Spouses Program

According to the relocation trade association Worldwide ERC (and from SHRM), approximately $25 billion is spent annually on corporate relocation. Add that figure to the average recruitment cost for many professional positions—two-and-a-half-times-salary—and business leaders face significant losses each time a relocated hire or transferred employee doesn’t work out.

Today, about two-thirds of families with school-age children rely on dual incomes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means when one spouse is offered a job requiring relocation, it’s often a mixed blessing. While the husband or wife might have an opportunity for a new position with higher pay, the so-called trailing spouse can be left jobless in an unfamiliar city, with no connections or prospects.

With this in mind, The Talent Store is working to develop an employer coalition to help with job placement for trailing spouses in the communities we serve.

Employer Members: Members of this coalition will be mid to large sized companies who understand that a new or transferred employee will struggle to settle in for the long term if their spouse, significant other, partner or other family member struggles with finding employment.

Our promise to you: The Talent Store will act as a “welcoming committee” and connection point for trailing spouses to find their professional landing within the communities we serve.  The employer members of this coalition will have a trusted partner to introduce the person seeking work.  We will personally reach out, obtain the resume and have a conversation with each candidate to learn more about them, their experience, motivators, unique skill sets and career ambitions.  From there, we will package and market the candidate to local employers as it makes sense.

Coalition Member Benefits:

  • A trusted partner to work with the spouses, partners or family members of the employees you are relocating
  • Gain first access to talented trailing spouses we are representing from other coalition members
  • Deeply discounted placement fee for any trailing spouse hired through The Talent Store
  • Additional discounts on all Talent Store services
  • Receive information about events, educational opporutnities and talent strategy resources available

What you will do:

  1. Become a member: $3,000 annual membership or $300 paid monthly
  2. Actively refer The Talent Store to any trailing spouse, partner or family member as part of your relocation process; sharing contact information and website
  3. Get ready to hear from us about other talented job seekers entering the market; your membership can be paid with the savings earned from your first trailing spouse hired
  4. Take your seat at the table with other leading employers and coalition members to share best practices and resources in this tight talent market

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