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As we get our arms around the new normal of the business landscape, many companies still have hiring needs.  Some were positions needed pre-COVID that were put on hold while companies transitioned, and others have become mission critical as service or product offerings have pivoted.  In the meantime, there have been some huge shifts in talent and workforce that impact the recruiting and hiring process.  We’ve swung to a high volume of applicants on job postings because of the rate of unemployment and that’s requiring an incredible amount of time to wade through, respond and screen all while operators are already spread thin responding to the processes and procedure changes they’re leading.   Additionally, this special time in history has caused many to rethink what they’re looking for in their career. 

People are searching for meaning, purpose and the feeling their contribution is impactful.  Some are also questioning how their employers’ have responded to both health, safety, and work from home concerns as well as commitment to inclusion, diversity, and community.   The more an organization can be in tune with what the talent market is looking for, the more they can home in on and attract highly qualified candidates and give themselves more quality talent options. The ability to highlight offerings that match what top talent in high demand positions are seeking, allows for differentiation and translates to more talented candidate options.  

Many people who are crafting marketing plans, processing invoices and otherwise toiling from home are confronting existential questions about the meaning of their work amid a world in turmoil. – Wall Street Journal

Having a recruiting partner who is actively networking on an organization’s behalf and can share their “employer brand” in the market is a powerful tool that gets the attention of top talent during this unprecedented time.  Candidates are more likely to open up to a third party about their challenges, career concerns and the types of roles they’re targeting, and when they do, we can share with them how our client stands out.  And this is not all about salary anymore. This could be the creative environment an organization fosters, or schedule flexibility, how the role contributes to the organization, commitment to community, growth potential or unique benefits and perks. Perhaps a company offers continuing education allowance or has defined career paths that illustrate the trajectory a high performing employee can have. If you don’t have someone actively sharing your unique offerings, you may be overlooked by top talent and left shuffling through a glut of un – or under -qualified candidates.

Companies may have to address the angst some workers feel about their relevance and the purpose behind their jobs. Decades of research show people crave a sense of purpose to feel motivated at work. Without the coffee dates, meetings and camaraderie of time with colleagues, you’re left with the work itself, and if the work starts to feel wanting, it can lead to painful reckonings.  These shocks are opportunities for people to think, ‘Does my work matter? And do I matter?,’ which is really the question underlying all of this – Amy Wrzesniewski, a Yale School of Management professor who studies how people create meaning in their work lives.

We’ve stayed on top of what people are looking for and start every search with market and competitive analysis so our clients know how their company stacks up in the marketplace and what we can highlight to increase their quality candidate options. We get to know our clients deeply and throughout the search, we represent and advocate for the organization as we recruit and vet applicants. By the time we submit a candidate, they’ll not only be aligned with your company culture and stated needs for the role, but they’ll be excited about the opportunity. What a much better position to be in than posting and praying the right candidate will choose one company over the others! 

Did we mention how fast we get this done? It might sound like a lot goes into it (it does!). But this is what we do. Our infrastructure, technology, expertise and talent community enable us to deliver on what you need, efficiently (getting it right the first time – guaranteed!). 

We are dedicated to giving you the time and talent to grow your business.  So, let’s get started by both taking on the workload of advertising, filtering and screening applicants and actively reaching out to tell your story in the market.

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