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Reimagining the World of Recruitment​​ & Talent Strategy

The Talent Store is cultivating business and community growth across Arizona and beyond. We’re elevating the world of talent strategy and recruitment to achieve our goals by focusing on the thing that matters most: genuine human connection.


Earn trust through transparency and honest, open communication.


Tailor innovative solutions and thought leadership to client needs for customized experiences.


Harness our enthusiasm, dedication, and passion in support of our clients’ and communities’ growth.


Give space to all voices and perspectives to be freely and equally valued.

Shaking Things Up Since 2013

After joining an industry that’s kept the same old, same old going for 20+ years, Devon Underwood set out to turn the industry on its head and transform the experiences of both employers and job seekers. Having led talent acquisition strategy for recruiting firms and large companies since 2004, she decided to create something new: the Talent Store. Through her dedication to customized solutions and impactful matchmaking, the Talent Store has built an exclusive and robust network of talent and client partnerships to become a true partner for employers and job seekers alike.

Today, our expertise, commitment to innovation, and focus on the people behind every business has led us to cultivating a one-of-a-kind community built on long-term partnerships. We tailor every service to our clients by creating a true understanding of their needs and goals—almost as if they were our own—so every step forward, is their best step yet.

Driven by Vision

Devon, Founder & Principal

Equipped with leading technology, best practices, a devotion to clients, and a keen eye for top talent, Devon is the “roll up your sleeves and get to work” type with a long history of positive results. As a leader and industry disruptor, she has built, trained, and developed recruitment teams while becoming an expert in:

  • Strategic talent recruitment, acquisition, and retention
  • Executive search and key position placement strategy
  • Process, system, and solution analysis for company culture, capacity, and infrastructure

Devon is a proud Tucsonan and University of Arizona alumna which drives her commitment to the growth of businesses and job seekers throughout the community.


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We are specialized in being a complete talent program partner. We focus on providing holistic solutions for our key clients in periods of start-up, growth, or strategy change to help them develop a long-term talent strategy with one trusted resource

Talent strategy is a holistic approach to attracting, acquiring, and retaining talent. In short, it takes into consideration all pieces of the talent puzzle. We believe that by looking at the whole, we can help our clients achieve long term success as a growing employer.

Talent Attraction

  • Position and job description development
  • Employment mission, vision, values, and branding alignment
  • Advertising and applicant tracking/matching technology implementation
  • Market and compensation analysis

Talent Acquisition

  • Executive search
  • Mid-level or bulk recruitment
  • Interview and vetting process improvement and training
  • Development of systems, processes and programs for scalability and growth

Talent Retention

  • Implementation of impactful and effective on-boarding programs
  • Internal career pathing and position change process development
  • Relocation and transfer process improvement
  • Make sure you feel heard, understood, and that their communication and work style fits your culture, values and timelines
  • In initial discussions, they ask questions that guide them in customizing their process to fit your organization
  • Look for a track record of success and specific examples of experience that is in line with your project needs
  • Ensure that their representation of you is in line with your brand and that their market outreach is not being passed along to someone less experienced
  • Excellence in communication, follow through, and a sense of urgency
  • Insist on a clear scope of work, guarantee period, billing cycle, and fee structure that meets your expectations and budget
  • If your goal is to address talent needs in a long-term, strategic way, do not select a partner who is narrowly specialized or siloed by industry or position type
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