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In looking at the landscape of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting partners, most, are set up in the same way:

  • Specialized in a particular industry, function or geography
  • Transactional in nature, flipping resumes and working the numbers; 3 candidates per job and 3 jobs per candidate
  • Division of Account Management and Candidate Sourcing; or a separation of those developing client relationships from those reaching out and screening candidates
  • Pyramid compensation, in which a few at the top benefit from regular turn over at the entry level

This traditional orientation has not changed in 20+ years, even though this model no longer fits with how leading Employers and top Talent find each other.  Employers are forced to use multiple firms based on the role they are hiring for, they must tell their story and “who they are” over again and, at the end of the day, the person connecting with candidates on their behalf is likely inexperienced and unfamiliar with the organization.  The candidates they receive are selected based on skills match with little to no focus on style, values or culture alignment.  From the candidate perspective, there is trust lost and they can feel more like pawns in business development.  There is little to no transparency or interest in learning who each candidate is and little value added in terms of knowing the position, decision makers or company objectives deeply.

[su_pullquote][/su_pullquote]You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Buckminster Fuller

It’s time for a change; Welcome to The Talent Store!

We were established to realize a shift in who a true talent partner can be and are committed to be a recruiting partner who understands our clients and their initiatives deeply, has the flexibility to customize talent programs to fit their specific needs, and works in a way that is seamless to their brand.

With this support and perspective, our clients will stand out and have an edge over their competitors as acquiring and retaining top talent.

We offer Talent Strategy Consulting and Executive Search services with a holistic perspective:

Talent Attraction

  • Position and Job Description Development
  • Employment Branding and Mission, Vision and Values alignment
  • Advertising and Applicant Tracking Technology Implementation
  • Market and Compensation Analysis

Talent Acquisition

  • Executive Search
  • Ad Hoc Recruiting Support
  • Interview and Vetting Process Improvement and Training
  • Development of Systems, Processes and Programs for Scale-ability and Growth

Talent Retention

  • Development of Impactful and Effective On-Boarding Programs
  • Organizational Mapping and Internal Talent Strategy
  • Employee Programs and Benefits Consulting
  • Coming Soon: TS Benefits, offering Health Coverage Options and Benefits Administration


Mission: To bring creative thinking, innovation, hard work and an unstoppable talent network to play a key role in our clients’ attainment of their strategic goals through hiring.

Vision: The Talent Store was established to realize a shift in who a true recruiting partner can be. In many ways, the traditional search industry model has not changed in the last 20+ years and most firms are operating as if there have not been significant shifts in technology, communication and business culture that have impacted hiring practices and philosophies.

We are committed to:

  • Understanding our clients inside and out.
  • Remaining innovative, leveraging current technology and constantly developing our network.
  • Providing a strategic and dedicated expert for each project.
  • Competitive pricing and customized services to meet our client’s specific needs.

The Talent Store Mission and Vision

Devon Underwood is the Owner and is focused on changing the search firm model. Her goal is to help clients sift through the noise to discover the people and processes that help them find the long-term skills, culture and values fit for their organization. 

Devon has provided Executive Search, Recruiting and Talent Acquisition consulting for clients in 40+ states for the last 15 years. She has built, trained and developed recruitment teams and played a key role in employment branding. She is an expert in analyzing current practices and shaping systems and solutions customized for each company’s culture, current processes and resource capacity.

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